PTA recruitment for 2017-2018

Please complete the form if you are interested in holding an office on the PTA Board for the next school year. (forms sent home with student today February 23rd or you can come by office and pick up a form)

President-Direct the affairs of the association in cooperation with the other members of the Executive Board for the term of office and preside over board and executive meetings.

lst Vice President-Legislative Chairman

To be called upon at anytime to assure the place of the President upon his/her absence.  Be an aide to the President and know all the ongoing work of PTA.

2nd V.P.-Program Chairman

To create and organize programs for the benefit of our children, school, and PTA.

3rd V.P.-Ways and Means
To organize fundraisers, such as T-shirt sales, bookfairs, and etc.

4th V.P.-Membership Chairman
Responsible for membership drives, collection of dues, and distribution of membership cards.

Responsible for keeping accurate records of all proceedings at board and general meetings.

To keep accurate and detailed accounts of all monies received and paid out, and submit statements at regular meetings of the PTA.  Will help formulate a budget of the school year.

To compile and keep records of the PTA and school activities and achievements for the year.  Turn into a scrapbook.

Homeroom Rep.

To recruit parents as Homeroom Parents for their child's classroom.  Recruit chairman for Friday after school snacks.

Hospitality Chair
To organize special treats for the teachers, staff, and guests.  Help promote a friendly spirit amongst all.

Safety Chairman

Assist the cross guards and work with the principal to ensure the safety of our children.

Council Delegate

A person who can attend one monthly meeting of the EPISD Council of PTA's and report back to PTA and board.


To advise the presiding President and Board of Parliamentay law and matter of procedures when requested.

Faculty Representative
One lower and one upper grade teacher wil will attend meetings and act as a liason between the board and the teachers.